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I am an Italian IT developer born in Rome in 1979. For my 8th birthday I got my first personal computer as a gift: the eternal Commodore 64. Subsequently I switched to the fabulous Amiga 500 for a short period of time and, soon after, definitively landed into the x86 world using a PC equipped with an Intel 286 processor. I’ve been on the internet since 1994!

I started developing software for MS-DOS and Windows operating systems as a pre-teen using languages like: Basic (Visual Basic), Pascal (Delphi), C/C++ (Microsoft MFC e Borland VCL) and Assembly (x86). In my adolescence I assiduously frequented the underground sub-culture of the demoscene that made me fall in love with real-time graphic rendering and both low-level programming and code optimization. Later, shortly after their debut, I started writing programs first in Java language and then also in C#, including ambitious experiments with the now defunct Java applets. Since 2006 I have been interested in apps development on mobile platforms, initially with J2ME for cell phones, at their market debut also for Android OS smartphones and later for the Windows Phone/Mobile OS (UWP). Finally, I developed something for iPhone (iOS) but without much passion.

I have been doing server-side web development via PHP and Active Server Pages (both classic ASP and ASP.NET), with support of SQLServer and MySQL (and its derivatives) databases. In recent years I have been testing client-side web coding, originally using the classic HTML/CSS/JavaScript triad (or better TypeScript), but recently I’m strongly attracted by the power of WebAssembly, particularly the Blazor technology that allows to create single page (WASM) browser-executable applications (entirely client side) using (partially) the .NET framework infrastructure.

My philosophy in computer learning adheres to the 70/30 rule, inspired by Joel Spolsky, that consists of 70% practice and 30% study.

My hobbies, besides information technology (IT) and videogames of course, are medieval-fantasy role-playing games Dungeons & Dragons style, science (I love astrophysics) and movies. I enjoy listening to trance music, I have (almost) regularly followed the weekly radio show A State of Trance by the legendary Armin Van Buuren for over 20 years now! I am also an occasional week-end cyclist (amateur) and when I can I go out with my old mountain bike pedaling on not too challenging routes.

In this personal blog I will expose my ideas about computing, opinions on what surrounds me, reflections on contemporary reality … without set goals, without any pretensions, just an online diary of a simple person (that I am).

Happy reading!

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