The Dark Century – PC DEMO 1997

For the occasion of Amiga Passione Day 2023 I’ve been contacted by my old friend, as well as our graphician demoscene group member, called Z3k: here you can visit his fantastic Italian Amiga-related blog. Unbelievably, we were both partecipating at that party without meeting each other, until discovering it later on (probably by randomly reading various online reports). A lot of time passed since our last (non-virtual) met back in 1997: so no surprise!

Thanks to Z3k I remembered the good ol’ times of demoscene. In 1997 I also developed a demo of mine: The Dark Century. Written in pure C and X86 Assembly, including 3D engine, lights management and texture mapping rendering … no hardware acceleration obviously!

This morning I recorded a video, using the DOSBox emulator, then uploaded to YouTube, as you can see there is no perspective corrected texture mapping and movements are linear. However, my engine was able to manage real-time lighting, even if unoticeable in this demo, lights were not precalculated.

Anyhow, below you can watch the demo:

  • PC DEMO in DOS executable format (.EXE) can be downloaded here (1.56 MiB)
  • Full uncompressed RGB-palettizzed (.AVI) video can be downloaded here (182 MiB)

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